Sterling Silver Custom Ring
Sterling Silver Custom Ring
Sterling Silver Custom Ring
Sterling Silver Custom Ring

Sterling Silver Custom Ring

Hasta La Vista Designs
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This amazing piece of bling would look amazing show casing your prize shot or maybe just use one of my custom shells!  With a 12mm bezel tray, you can order this with a range of calibres which I have in stock or just use your own!  

Rings (please see size chart) can come with your choice of crystal (see colour selection) or just keep the primer in!  Each ring comes in a black velvet gift box.

Stone colours (see image) are:

  1. Peridot (light green)
  2. Ruby (deep red)
  3. Aquamarine (light blue)
  4. Clear (foiled back)
  5. Amethyst (purple)
  6. Rose (pink)
  7. Gold Patina (gold with the effect of mirror fleck)

Due to availability of sizes, there may be a 4-6 week wait for the completed product.  Please order this item early so that the time lapse does not disappoint. 

If you would like to collect this item personally in Devonport, please use the discount code PICKUP! during checkout.

All shells slices HAVE BEEN FIRED.  These will have imperfections due to this (scratches, dents, worn names, etc).  No two slices will look the exact same. This adds to the rustic look.  We do not work with NON fired cases.  The idea of making jewelry from fired cases is to assist in eliminating landfill waste by turning it into wearable items. 
All items are made to order, so please expect up to a 7-day process for order completions prior to postage.  This is to ensure our high-quality standard that these individual handmade pieces deserve.
If it is out of stock - please contact me for estimated time.